Cosmin Caradima

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Cosmin Caradima

Sitio: 07180 Palma De Mallorca, Spain
Empleo: Senior Corporate Consultant
Acerca de mi: I am currently working as a Corporate Consultant, responsible for sourcing passive/active candidates for specific clients (Top 5 -F500 companies). My expertise in searching for passive candidates, mapping the competition and rousing skills makes me and the company unique. I am working internally with the recruiters and hiring manager as a team. Direct Sourcing Partner with Fortune 500 companies. S...


Cosmin Caradima
Cosmin Caradima

Locality: Palma Area, Spain
Summary: As the economy continues to improve, organizations are looking for alternative ways to ramp-up talent, while managing recruitment costs and maintaining flexibility. I manage recruitment departments for Fortune 500 organizations worldwide. My efforts are concentrated on full lifecycle recruitment processes and I manage each step of the process. Ranging from talent acquisition to delivering the following operational benefits: * Reduction in overall recruitment costs * Improved quality of service delivery * Standardization of internal and external best practices * Improved compliance with diversity goals * Enhanced reporting for better decision making * Retention of strategic role of HR * Ability to accelerate organizational change * Improved stakeholder satisfaction and productivity, including senior management, Human Resources function, hiring managers, and applicants
Current: Account Manager, BPO Services at Hidden Solution Worldwide Recruitment Consultant at Hidden Solution Worldwide (former Pierpoint Worldwide)
Past: Sales Representative at Island Cruise Services N.V.
Education:  G.S Ion Banescu Industrial Engineering (1998-2001) 

Industry: Human Resources
Skills: End to End Recruitment Process, Outsourcing, Candidate Mapping, On-site Recruitment, Database Mining, Special Project Staffing, Competitor mapping, Lead Qualification, Sales Database Management
Experience: Hidden Solution Worldwide (Outsourcing/Offshoring industry): Account Manager, BPO Services,  (May 2009-Present) We are called - Hidden Solutions Worldwide because we are experts at solutions. These solutions are not easily seen but are critical to the success of a company. Our best skill, above all else is LEAD GENERATION through cold calling into the company. Everything we do...
Interests: career opportunities, expertise requests, business deals, getting back in touch

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