Alejandra Agostinho

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Alejandra Maria Onis Agostinho

Sitio: Alcala de Henares (Madrid), Spain
Empleo: Responsable logistica y compras
Formación:  ITEAP (MBA, MBA (Dirección y Administración de empresas)), Eaton Institute (Cleveland - Ohio) (USA) (Auditora Malcom Baldrige, Auditora Malcom Baldrige)
Estado: Seeking employment
Idioma: Spanish (First language), English (Good knowledge), Portuguese (First language), German (Basic knowledge)
Experiencia:   ()
Ofrezco: Cursando MBA en Dirección y Administración de empresas. Bilingüe español y portugues. Nivel alto de inglés. Experiencia laboral a nivel internacional. Auditora del sistema americano de calidad Malcom Baldrige
Intereses: Profesionales: aunque me gustan las compras y la logística, he estado bastantes años en éstos puestos y me gustaría ahora probar algo relacionado con marketing inmobiliario o similar. Me gusta aprender y a la vez enseñar. Me gustan los grandes retos y desafíos. Acostumbrada a elaborar proyectos de reducción de costes y ahorros. A nivel personal, busco una empresa ética, con transparencia, que s...


Alejandra Maria Onis Agostinho

Locality: Madrid Area, Spain
Summary: Cost savings projects ( identification and deployment) Materials management (MRP) assuring material supplying according production and quality needs. Logistics (transport) Warehouse Management (improving and implementing methods suchs as delivery in consignment using kambam system). Improving on days on hand and inventory reductions Procurement, including supplier management and training Supply Chain planning and coordination Develop and implement systems to support key supply chain initiatives to improve business efficiencies and reduce the total cost of supply chain management.. Support each sites and suppliers automation needs to improve flexibility, efficiencies and responsiveness. Responsible for initiative deployment and successful execution of the following across all sites: - Inventory reduction (kanban, work in consignment, just in time delivery) - Supplier on time delivery (issue of purchasing orders and track of these ones ) - Supplier managed scheduling and inventory control (control through MRP material arrives on the right quantity and in the right time). - Logistics / Transport efficiencies Malcom Baldridge auditor Search of LCC suppliers according Supply Chain policies. Search and implementation of new sources for to achieve yearly cost savings / reduction (by the usage of LCC suppliers or by other activities which also led to a cost saving procedure). Knowledge of BI tools (Business Intelligence). EATON CORPORATION EBEC AUDITOR (COURSE OFFERED BY THE COMPANY IN OHIO - USA) - Based on the MALCOM BALDRIGE Criteria. Course based on the needed and required steps, procedures, methods and processes for company management in order to support the continuous improvement policy and be first in class company (BI - Business Intelligence, - CRM - Customer Relationship Management) which are processes bases on the customer knowledge and needs in order to improve business and keep current customer satisfaction).
Past: Junior Buyer at Eaton Corporation Business partner (colaborator) at Novocasa Manager secretary/assistant (English & Portuguese) at Albilux English translator at Sancho Ortega EATON - LOGISTICS (AUTOMOTION ) at EATON see less... 2 more...
Education:  MALCOLM BALDRIGE AUDITOR (OHIO - USA) Malcolm Baldrige Auditor (1999-2001) 
 Agualva-Cacem (Portugal)  (1974-1976) 
 ITEAP (Centro de Posgrado Universitario) - MBA Business Administration (2010-) 

Industry: Automotive
Skills: STRONGS: - High analysis capability - High knowlege of all the Supply Chain process - High potential to identify areas for improvement related to Cost Out (savings) projects - Exceptional ability to establish and maintain excellent relationships with suppliers, while at the same time exceeding cost-reduction objectives without loss of quality. - Languages: English (business level), spanish & portuguese: native
Experience: Eaton Corporation (Public Company; 10,001 or more employees; ETN; Electrical/Electronic Manufacturing industry): Junior Buyer,  (2005-February 2009) Cooperation on the search of LCC suppliers according Supply Chain policies. Search and implementation of new sources for to achieve yearly cost savings / reduction (by the usage of LCC suppliers or by other activities which also le...
Interests: On free time I spend my time designing web sites for friends. Knowledge of FrontPage and Dreamweaver
Interests: career opportunities, consulting offers, new ventures, job inquiries, expertise requests, business deals, reference requests, getting back in touch

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